About Us

Smart Shooter was established to develop innovative technologies that help military and law enforcement professionals swiftly and accurately neutralise their targets. Our experienced engineers are committed to that mission, designing, testing and manufacturing our field-proven SMASH family of fire control systems to beat your opponents and keep your friendly forces safe. SMASH seamlessly blends electro-optical hardware and embedded software in ergonomically optimised upgrade packages for a wide range of rifles.

“MAFAT is trying to predict the future battlefield, both in terms of threat and technologically. The SMASH system is expected to go into service with the IDF’s Ground Forces soon”

Said Brig. Gen. (res.) Dr. Danny Gold, head of
the Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure (MAFAT).

“Fighting increasingly complex warfare on modern hybrid battlefields requires excellent infantry troops, capable of reacting swiftly and decisively to emerging threats. SMASH provides a unique solution to these operational challenges, enabling soldiers to hit their targets with high precision and achieve their aims in first contact with the enemy.”

Lieutenant Colonel David Artzi from IDF Ground Forces

“SMASH is a cutting-edge technology that will be deployed to many tactical users which enables combat superiority for the infantry. The development included thorough operational evaluations with different users and various prototypes. Conducting the R&D effort with operational evaluation enabled successful implementation of novel and proven technologies in addition to the development of operational TTP’s (tactics, techniques & procedures) and CONOPS (concept of operations).”

Dr. Daniel Gold, Head of IMOD’s Defense R&D Directorate (MAFAT)

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