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JERUSALEM — On April 27, personnel with the Israel Defense Forces downed a drone that crossed into the country from Lebanon. They also found a second drone “belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization” that had been taken down in early April, according to an IDF statement. It was the latest Israeli targeting of a drone — yet more evidence of an emerging threat that Israel is looking to counter.

Lasers, integration and mobility: Israel races to stop growing threat from drones,

May 24, 2021

Michal Mor, a psychologist by training, says it all began in the Second Lebanon War. “My husband got a call-up order, they handed him an M-16 and he went into Lebanon with a gun and a steel gunsite. It was terrible. At the end of the day, the reserve soldier is the mainstay of the army and he needs to regain his operational capabilities, which takes time he doesn’t have.”

Haaretz ,

Apr 29.2021

הכל החל בצו 8 שקיבל בעלה של מיכל מור במלחמת לבנון השנייה ■ המנכ”לית שעסקה בניהול צוותי פיתוח של טילים מונחים, מנהלת עכשיו את הסטארט־אפ סמארט שוטר: “שיגע אותנו שהחיילים מפספסים ממרחק קצר, וטיל פוגע ממרחק מאות ק”מ”



The company’s SMASH Fire Control system significantly increases the accuracy and lethality of small arms and provides end-users with a “One Shot – One Hit” capability across multiple mission areas. Thus, creating a significant advantage for the infantry soldier and ultimately revolutionizing the world of small arms and optics.

Drone Radio Show,

Mar 21, 2021

An Israeli company called Smart Shooter Ltd. has a very interesting family of smart weapon sights/combat optics, or “fire control systems” (FCS) for engaging moving targets called SMASH that reminds DefenseReiew (DR) a bit of the TrackingPoint family of smart scopes, but SMASH has its own thing going for it, and it’s worth reviewing.

Defense Review ,

March 8, 2021

The Dutch Army recently completed a two-day live-fire counter-drone trial using Smart Shooter’s SMASH Fire Control System.The test took place in the Austrian High Mountains, as part of the Dutch Defense Department examination of different ways to combat small unmanned systems. Smart Shooter  will be exhibiting at IDEX 2021.

Global Business Press ,

Feb 17, 2021

Creating a breakthrough in small-arms moving-target interception, Israeli based Smart-Shooter is disrupting the market for C-sUAS and already has top-tier customers to prove it. Occasionally you encounter a new product, and wonder how come no one thought about it before? Such is the Israeli Smart Shooter SMASH product line, that brings fighter-jet gunsight dynamics into the arms of the infantry combatant. But aside from the proverbial wonder, it took a true feat of ingenuity and miniature ruggedized electronics to accomplish this novel concept of “One Shot – One Hit” gun capability.

Defense Week,

JANUARY 12, 2021

Michal Mor and Shir Ahuvia joke about how army officials are always slightly stunned when they meet them for the first time — two knowledgeable women coming to sell them an artificial intelligence-based shooting device that makes rifles smart, more accurate and deadlier.

Times of Israel,

JANUARY 11, 2021

India is set to acquire an unspecified number of SMASH-2000 plus system- Israeli cutting-edge fire control systems that would help tackle drone threats from close range besides improving a soldier’s accuracy and speed of hitting targets. As reported by EurAsian Times, the SMASH-2000 ‘fire control system’ looks like any other expensive optical sight attached to a rifle, but it certainly packs a lot more technology than a casual electro-optic technology.

Euro Asian Times,

December 12, 2020

The US Army and the Royal Netherlands Army recently conducted live trainings examining the Smash 2000 Fire Control System of Smart Shooter from Kibbutz Yagur (near Haifa). The system is mounted on small arms, and zeroes in on the target using AI-based image processing to assist the soldier to shoot more accurately. The US Army tested the system by firing on ground targets, while the Dutch army tested its drone-interception capabilities using small arms. Both armies characterized the exercises as successful.


November 22, 2020

The Dutch Army has recently completed a live-fire counter-drone trial using a cutting-edge device, called the Smart Shooter‘s SMASH Fire Control System. Soldiers from all branches of the army, including the Air Force, Special Forces, and Marines, attended the trial, which was done in close co-operation with Smart Shooter Dutch Partner, TBM bv.

Oct 28, 2020

SMASH 2000 underwent intensive live fire testing by U.S. Army at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) to evaluate its Fire Control capabilities compared to standard rifle sights [October 15, 2020]: Between the 14th and 24th of September 2020, Product Manager Individual Weapons, under PM Soldier Lethality, supervised the live fire testing and evaluation of the SMASH 2000 fire control enabled rifle Sight.

Oct 15, 2020

Smart Shooter, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms, announces that it has successfully completed another step in testing the Smash Hopper in different configurations. Smash Hopper, Smart Shooter’s Light Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS), was mounted on Plasan Reem’s Armored Toyota Hilux and successfully shot and hit several moving ground and air targets from more than 300 meters.

Sep 2, 2020

The SMASH Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) fire control solution from Smart Shooter is under consideration by NATO in its Defense Against Terrorism Program of Work (DAT PoW) exercise. ‘Smart Shooter’s SMASH Fire Control Solution will be tested and evaluated on the engagement part of the UAV kill chain,’ the company

18th August 2020

Print Friendly, PDF & Email Erst vor wenigen Wochen wurde das System Smart Shooter durch die U.S. Army offiziell zur Drohnenabwehr (Counter-UAV – C-UAV) zertifiziert. Jetzt wurde es als mögliche Lösung für ein Arbeitsprogramm der NATO zur Verteidigung gegen den Terrorismus (Defense Against Terrorism Program of Work – DAT PoW) in Betracht gezogen. Auch hier für den Bereich Drohnenabwehr. Das System soll nun im Rahmen einer Übung auf Herz und Nieren getestet werden.

19. August 2020

The Israeli company Smart Shooter unveiled on 21 July its Smash Hopper light weapon station that allows an assault rifle to be remotely controlled to provide a “one shot – one hit capability” from a safe distance. The company described the weapon station as compact and lightweight at 15 kg, enabling it to be rapidly deployed. It features day and night cameras and automated target detection.

23 JULY 2020

Remote weapon turrets, man do they suck to run into on the virtual battlefield. Whether trying to dominate a hijacked cruise ship in Call Of Duty multiplayer or doing your damnedest to beat Contra without the cheat code, they can be the great equalizer that shatters your quest for a perfect game. On real battlefields, remote weapon turrets, also referred to as remote weapon stations, have quickly become commonplace

JULY 22, 2020

WASHINGTON – – Department of Defense leadership recently approved the assessment results for currently fielded Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) capabilities. Most of the assessed systems were initially purchased to address urgent and emerging operational needs of deployed forces. This assessment determined the selection of current systems for future investment based on criteria such as effectiveness, usability, sustainment, and integration

June 25, 2020

Reporting to the US Assistant Secretary of Defense Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict (ASD SO/LIC), the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) is tasked with identifying and developing solutions to combat terrorism, irregular adversaries, near-peer and peer emerging threats to rapidly deliver next-generation capabilities and training to support US armed forces operations at the tactical edge.

March 29, 2020

The U.S. Army is evaluating a scope that won’t let the user fire his or her rifle unless the shot is guaranteed. The SMASH scope is the product of Smart Shooter Ltd., an Israeli company, and could go on the Army’s upcoming replacements for the M4 carbine and M249 squad automatic weapon. The scope, or one like it, will eventually go on the Army’s next generation squad automatic weapons.

January 31, 2020

Ahead of SHOT Show 2020, Smart Shooter’s Devin Schweiss demonstrated the company’s SMASH fire control solution during Sig Sauer’s Range Day. The image processing computer can mount directly onto a weapon system and “block the firing” until “it is a guaranteed hit.”

January 24, 2020