Our Vision
To ultimately revolutionize the world of small arms and optics
by enabling every shooter to hit his target
while being a part of a smart, precise, and connected unit.

Smart Shooter develops state-of-the-art Fire Control Systems for small arms that significantly increase weapon accuracy and lethality when engaging static and moving targets, on the ground and in the air, day and night.

With proven “One Shot – One Hit” precision, our SMASH product line empowers defense and security forces by maximizing rifle effectiveness against enemy targets while minimizing friendly casualties and collateral damage.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, SMASH is also designed to interconnect with other operational resources to form a micro-tactical network that delivers real-time situational awareness.

“Since 2011, Mor and her partner Avshalom Ehrlich at Smart Shooter have been
working to develop an innovative fire control system that significantly increases
the accuracy and lethality of small arms. This technology, which accurately engages
and eliminates static, moving, ground and air targets in day and night operations,
greatly enhances mission effectiveness.” FORBES, July 2020

Michal Mor

CEO & Co-Founder

Avshalom Erlich

CTO & Co-Founder

Abraham Mazor

VP Marketing &
Business Development

Shir Ahuvia

VP Products

Sharone Aloni


Bruno keren

Finance Manager


Scott D. Thompson

VP & GM U.S. Operations

Michael Fiedler

Marketing and Sales Regional Director Europe


Major General (Res.) Nitsan Alon

Board of Directors

Yossi Ackerman

Advisory Board

Global Presence

Head Office

Smart Shooter Ltd.
Yagur, 3006500 Israel
Tel: +972.72.3202111

North America

Smart Shooter Inc.
13405 Elevation Lane
Herndon, VA, 20171
Tel: +1.952.9132568


Smart Shooter Europe GmbH.
Nord Carree 11
40477 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel: +49.172.3122872 Michael@smart-shooter.com