15 October 2018

AUSA 2018: Smart Shooter debuts tactical drone eliminator

Smart Shooter unveiled a tactical drone-elimination variant of its SMASH 2000 fire control system at last week’s AUSA annual meeting and exposition.

The basic SMASH 2000 system, which adds digital precision fire to in-service rifles and ammunition, has been tested by US Special Operations Command elements and other military …

October 11, 2018
Israeli Smart Shooter Eliminates the Need to Aim

Smart Shooter officials appeared at the United States Army’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. to introduce SMASH 2000 Plus, an optical device that can be placed on many small arms, including the M4 Carbine, and tracks potential targets using a traditional red dot sight picture.

October 9, 2018
This new rifle optic basically guarantees ‘one shot, one kill’

Israeli defense firm Smart Shooter showcased a new optical device for assault rifles that the company said virtually guarantees rounds on target.

SMASH 2000 Plus is a ruggedized optical device that can be placed on a wide range of legacy small arms, including the M4 Carbine.

09 October 2018
AUSA 2018: Israel’s Smart Shooter offering rifle-mounted C-UAS fire-control system
Israel’s Smart Shooter is expanding its line of SMASH rifle fire-control systems and has demonstrated the devices for US military personnel, company officials said at the annual Association of the United States Army conference, held from 8 to 10 October in Washington, DC.

13 June, 2018

Eurosatory 2018: SMASH small arms fire control system makes international debut

The SMASH family of smalls arms fire control systems from Israel’s Smart Shooter Ltd made its international debut at this month’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.


13 June, 2018

כל פגיעה בול: הכירו את פגיון

אחת החברות הבולטות השנה בתערוכת יורוסאטורי היא “סמארט שוטר”, חברת סטארט אפ ישראלית שמציגה בביתן הלאומי של סיבט את “פגיון” – מערכת אלקטרו-אופטית שמולבשת על רובה סער ומשפרת באופן דרמטי את סיכויי הפגיעה בכל מצבי הירי והתרחישים


14 June, 2018

תסיר את האיום? המערכת החדשה שתנסה לסכל את טרור העפיפונים

כוונת חדשה בפיתוח תעשייה ביטחונית תוצב על גבי רובי הסער של הלוחמים בשטח, ותאפשר ירי מדויק לעבר המטרות הנעות באוויר. לאחר פיתוח שנמשך כחודשיים – המערכת שולבה בפעילות כוחות משמר הגבול וצה”ל בהפגנות ביום שישי האחרון
בגבול הרצועה

16 May, 2018

The Israel Defense Forces has formally
cleared a new smart weapon sight for
operational deployment

The system’s developer, Smart Shooter, claims that its SMASH package is more of a fire-control system than a weapon sight and increases first-round hit probabilities by automatically predicting impact points on selected targets.

29 April, 2018

Turning Riflemen into Sharpshooters

Similar to a weapon delivery system in fighter planes, or tank fire controls, soldiers nowadays rely on technology to become lethal and accurate but avoid risks of friendly fire or collateral damage to non-combatants. Unlike aircraft or ships that employ guided weapons, the lethality of a soldier is in the tools he operates with his hands – assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and other…

23 April, 2018

Smart Shooter’s SMASH Intelligent Sight Helps Make That First Shot Count
Many say that you should always make your shot count when in a firefight. Even better, make the first shot count which is a matter of life and death. Smart Shooter, an Israeli company, promises that their SMASH electro-optical fire control system will give the shooter the first round hit.

1 April, 2018

New Advancements

Another improvement that could dramatically improve the soldier lethality is related to fire accuracy, utilizing advanced weapon fire control.
Similar to a weapon delivery system in fighter planes, or tank fire controls, a ‘smart trigger’ would enable…

29 March, 2018

Israeli weapon specialist Smart Shooter has developed a new digital shooting system .

SMASH consists of a smart sighting unit module and a modified grip, which can be fitted to any existing small arms.

15 March, 2018

At homeland security confab in Deep South, Israel an unlikely star

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant credits summit in Israel with giving him idea for counterterror conference, where 16 Israeli companies make pitches to expand into state

28 February, 2018


Killing Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah in any future confrontation with the Lebanese terrorist group would be decisive, a senior IDF officer said.

9 November, 2017

Army hosted its fourth annual Innovation Day at ADFA in Canberra on Monday 

The event comprised 19 companies from Australia, the US, Europe and Israel presenting 25 industry proposals. A range of new technologies.

5 September, 2017

Unmanned subs, sniper drones, gun that won’t miss: Israel unveils future weapons
Weapons Development Administration shows off the new armaments it is testing out, also including a hybrid tank and a fleet of autonomous vehicles

5 September, 2017

This is how tomorrow’s battlefields will look like

Facial recognition, guns which fire only when the target is in sight, and unmanned submarines. A look into the future of Israeli defense.
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